When was the last time you sat through all 100 overs of a one

Have you sat through all 100 overs of a ODI game

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Cheap jordans When was the last time a 50 over game of cricket left you thrilled? Cheap jordans

In fact, forget that. Let us begin with a simpler question. When was the last time you sat through all 100 overs of a one day international game? You’re going to be thinking very hard here and I don’t blame you.

cheap yeezys The average cricket fan’s fixation with T20 cricket is perhaps a perfect contrast to his disillusionment with its longer cousin. cheap yeezys

cheap jordans cheap jordans china shoes By T20 standards, the 50 over format cheap jordan sneakers is now seen as an unexciting, extended, rigmarole that most would happily give up watching. cheap jordans shoes

cheap jordans in china Once heralding a revolution, it now seems dated, a relic of an antiquated era untouched by the brutal extravagance of modern cricket. cheap jordans in china

We would invariably grow fonder of it if we were to somehow prevent ourselves from juxtaposing it with T20 cricket.

cheap jordans china Just that the latter’s exceptionally high spectacle and entertainment value no longer allows us to view the former in isolation any cricket discussion cheap nike shoes minus the term ‘T20’ sounds like useless chatter out of sync with contemporary preferences. cheap jordans china

cheap jordans sale And that is why the International Cricket Council’s decision to convert the 2021 Champions Trophy into a T20 tournament met with such a tepid response. cheap jordans sale

cheap jordans online There was little protest; just a pre written, long overdue obituary note pulled out of the cheap jordans shoes closet, dusted off and cheap jordans in china placed in the public domain ‘it was coming just deal with it’ kind of stuff. cheap jordans online

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And despite it having metamorphosed into a mere extension of T20 cricket in recent times big hitters, bigger scores cheap jordans shoes and an unreal switch in batting mentality all proof the ODI format cheap adidas is on the cusp of being swallowed whole by its younger counterpart.

cheap nike Cheap jordans shoes It has become apparent that people relish the fours and sixes and all the entertainment that comes with it, but not beyond three hours. cheap nike shoes

Sandwiched between T20s and Tests, ODI cricket is cheap jordans free shipping like the proverbial middle child no one wants to look after.

cheap jordans for sale Even so, it may not be over just yet. cheap jordans for sale

The ICC’s plan to introduce a 13 team international league that will see teams play each other in a umjordanshoes.com three match series over three years has the potential to stem this distressing tide, mainly because the sport’s governing body itself has been guilty of reckless scheduling in the past.

India, for some unexplained reason, played six ODIs against South Africa earlier this year, cheap jordans sale a staggeringly long series that made for painful viewing after a point.

cheap air force Reducing the frequency of ODI games is probably the most prudent thing administrators can do, since they have tried pretty much everything in terms of innovation and tweaking of rules. cheap air force

Another thing still going for the ODI game is player aspiration.

Englishmen Adil Rashid and Alex Hales, for instance, have given up Test cricket to focus on white ball cricket; surely they can’t be content playing just T20s?

More than anything cheap air force else, the 50 over World Cup continues to be the biggest prize in cricket a winner’s medal is every player’s dream.

cheap jordan sneakers IMAGE: With ODIs facing an uncertain future, it is a blessing this format brings out the best in the Indian captain. Photograph: BCCI cheap jordan sneakers

The extinction of ODI cricket will leave the sport dealing with two extremes: T20s and Tests.

cheap jordans from china That is almost like a runner choosing the 100m and 10,000m as his two core events. This incongruity is bound to produce one cheap jordans on sale dimensional cricketers, cheap jordans online who will invariably lack the versatility that has always been considered the hallmark of truly great players. cheap jordans from china

At the rate we are going, we will be left with teams fielding two completely different XIs a trend that has already made a limited appearance for T20s and ODIs.

You would no longer be able to, for example, savour a Virat Kohli, whose all round brilliance across the three formats is what makes him such a compelling specimen.

cheap jordans free shipping In fact, cheap Air max shoes Kohli is arguably one of the few reasons why the ODI game is still watched across the world. cheap jordans free shipping

cheap jordans on sale With ODIs facing an uncertain future, it is a blessing this format brings out the best in the Indian captain. cheap jordans on sale

cheap air jordan With its boundless intricacies and need for tactical acuity, ODI cricket is engrossing even without its share of mindless slogging, and remains the balancing act that the game desperately needs cheap air jordan.

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