What is Kickstarter?

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What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter was founded in 2009 and has since then financed many innovative ideas and companies. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding portal, where entrepreneurs can showcase their idea, and you as a consumer can choose which projects you what to support! Across the world Kickstarter connects and communicates new exciting business ideas with you. Tomorrow we will launch our Kickstarter campaign and we are hoping for your support!

What’s in it for me?

You can support our project by investing in various “pledges”. Everything is a help! “Pledges” is a kind of package or product you can buy. You choose what size you want! You can for example support us with 172 DKK/25 USD. Then you’re both backing our project and we will send you a cool iPhone case, with print from one of our talented designers. You can also choose to support us with 375 DKK/55 USD and you’ll get a lovely organic T-shirt and support the talented designers. You can also “pledge” our kimono, which is made from the finest silk! For 1610 DKK/236 USD you are supporting our project and you will receive a great design, if our campaign hits our traget goal! If  we against all expectations, do not reach our goal, your money will never be withdrawn from your account. That means you have nothing to lose but only a lot to gain! Not only do you support a bunch og talented designers, you will also as the first to get a hold of our designs!

How do I do it?

On Monday, November 7th 9 in the morning our Kickstarter campaign is launched! Find our campaign on Kickstarter.com. Select the “pledge” you would like to support and create a profile. SCHULZ BY CROWD will receive the amount you buy/pledge for when the campaign is funded. Once the campaign is completed, you will receive a mail where we collect size, address, etc. The product is sent to you when it is produced. The date and shipping cost appears in the plegde. Our Kickstarter campaign ends on 30 November. Help us reach our goal!

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