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What is crowd sourced fashion?

Schulz by Crowd is crowd sourced fashion, which means that we have outsourced assignments to a crowd of people. It is called a disrupted business model, where the value chain is divided into smaller parts, letting every person involved do what he or she does best, and use their skills the best way.

How are your collections made?

Each of our collections is designed by a crowd of designers (right now we count 78 designers), all participating in our online community, which is a virtual designer portal where they get inspiration from us and each other. For every collection we choose the designs, we think, fit that particular collection the best.

What does our designers say?

We’ve asked Trine Bennicke from our crowd what she thinks about SCHULZ BY CROWD and our designer portal.

  • How is it to be a upcoming designer?

It’s really great to have a fashion degree, but it’s also hard to get a foothold in the industry. There are a lot of contendes and not so many opportunities to promote your designer and prove your worth. Experience counts a great deal in this profession and it can be achieved by being part of SCHULZ BY CROWD.

  • What do you get out of being apart of SCHULZ BY CROWD?

I get to design freely from the inspiration given by Marie Schulz, which means that I can get my design DNA within the finished result. I get paid while being promoted undr the label SCHULZ BY CROWD. It’s a super concept that helps new designers get a head start.

  • What do you think of the designer community?

It’s a great place to find sparring partners with like-minded designers, it’s a good place to network, if you’re a member of the portal. We can talk about profession related issues and help each other.

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