Corporate Social Responsibility

At SCHULZ BY CROWD CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is one of our core values. We believe everyone has a responsibility to act socially and environmentally aware.


The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries, so sustainability and fashion can be a bit contradicting. Therefore, we at SCHULZ BY CROWD, have chosen to focus on reducing our footprint on this planet.

GOTS: SCHULZ BY CROWD’s Basic Collection is made of Organic GOTS certified cotton.

By using Organic cotton, we help to reduce the use of pesticides on our planet. GOTS is one of the textile industry’s most stringent certifications, which among others, ensures that at least 95% of the material is Organic. GOTS also ensures that the different processes do not use chemicals and detergents that damage nature.

GOTS not only provide high environmental requirements for all stages of the production chain, but also ensures reasonable working conditions for everyone working with GOTS certified products.

To handle our GOTS certified products correctly, SCHULZ BY CROWD has also been through GOTS certification process, which resulted in our own license number CU844443. So we can proudly announce that SCHULZ BY CROWD is GOTS certified.

MORE THAN AN ORGANIC BRAND: At SCHULZ BY CROWD we are very aware that sustainability is much more than organic cotton. We have chosen to have sustainable focus on both our material choice and design process – meaning that we choose long lasting good quality materials and designs that lasts.

WE ALL HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY: At SCHULZ BY CROWD we want our customers to take care of their clothes to prolong its life time. In our care labels, we have not only guidelines for how to wash the clothes but we also ask the customers to consider how often they wash it.


There are many people involved in the processes of textile production. At SCHULZ BY CROWD we believe that good relations are the key to keeping a good and sustainable company in all respects.

CODE OF CONDUCT: At SCHULZ BY CROWD we work with our own Code of Conduct. This is our tool to communicate our guidelines, both in-house, with our partners and especially with our suppliers. Our Code of Conduct is based on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, which deals with human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

Read more about principles here: guiding-Principles

Finally, we would like to promote the saying: reduced, reuse, recycle and encourage everyone to be conscious about their footprints on our planet.